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How's Business? We mean right this second….

If you're wondering how to enhance your business, you're not alone. Your greatest risk lies in standing still -- even for a second! In this job market, companies need to be prepared for change. A company's future is dependent on today's hiring. Smarter employee selection is the first step. To maintain your leadership position, to grow and compete, you need to work in partnership with a company who understands the big picture.

Finding effective sales professionals that can product results can be a daunting task. The best candidates usually aren’t looking for a new position—they are too busy increasing sales, growing profitability, and improving efficiency for their current employer.

Additionally, the best professionals want to work for companies utilizing agencies; as it shows a commitment to attracting and developing the best talent. These desirable “passive” candidates are often open to new opportunities . . . if they can be found. They are typically employed; so you will not usually find them in online databases or on job boards. Top-level talent will not normally answer ads or apply to website postings. ESG understands sales and management professionals, what motivates them, the traits common to the successful ones, and where to find them.

Please contact us directly at (404) 497-9494 to discuss your open positions in detail with one of our industry expert recruiters. At ESG, we want to ensure that we know as much about your company, the position and your specific requirements before we initiate a search. This enables us to find the right candidate with the right skill set for your organization.


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