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Everyone tells you that they "know your business" or they can serve you the best. We won't tell you why we are better, we'll show you.

"Your understanding of the attributes we were looking for in an employee was demonstrated in all of the potential candidates that you made available to us. Most remarkable to me, even though you are located in Georgia and we are located in Kansas, all of all local efforts including working with local agencies did not present any candidates of the caliber that you did. You provided constant feedback and helped us find the perfect fit for our company’s position but, just as important, the perfect fit for Christina our “TODS Project Manager”. You were a valuable resource for a small company with more tasks than time. Thanks again for the hand holding and common sense when looking for the “right person.”

Connie James
Kansas Logos, Inc.

"I wanted to extend my thanks for a job well done. We were searching for a candidate that had some very specific requirements in a difficult location with a demanding set of job requirements. Your team did an outstanding job in many regards including the following:
  • Developing a clear understanding or our requirements, our culture and the candidate that would “fit”
  • Incredible follow-up and follow through; your team kept me informed every step of the way
  • Navigated the process with the candidate; everyone pitched in and, it was most impressive, when you stepped in to assist with one of the more difficult times in the process

Sue Smith
Director of Sales
Leadership Strategies, Inc

"To say that things have been crazy with fiscal year-end would be an understatement.  Fortunately, we finished up with a pretty strong month. I have enjoyed working with Executive Search Group over the last two years. Both you and Dave have presented a number of quality candidates for me to interview.  Though I cannot always hire them all,  it is clear that both of you understand what I am looking and who might be a good fit at Omni. Essentially, I trust that when you say I need to see someone, you are not just parading another body in the door to make a buck. Our relationship has always been professional and fair.  Having worked with a variety of recruiters, I have come to appreciate your style and integrity."

Peter Fehrenbach
Vice President of Retail Sales & Marketing
Omni Business Products

"Over the past few years I have had the pleasure of utilizing the headhunting services of Executive Search Group. Both Jack and David have been great to work with; they really understood our profile candidate, respected our time and accomplished all placements with integrity and a sense of humor. Most importantly ESG's interview to hire ratio was one of the best when compared to other recruiting services we utilized. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to build an industry leading sales organization."

Michael Blake
Sales Director Emeritus Cbeyond Communications



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